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10.30pm - 2.30am Fridays

10pm - 2am Saturdays

COST $85 pp


Over the Xmas, Easter and school holiday periods we would really like to run them as much as possible, we would like to be able to have control over the dates in these busy times by giving the appropriate booking channels the exact evenings that we are around to do tours, as we know by experience that you can get allot of "walk ins"  during these times and we would really like to be able to run them for those wanting to book. 

Plan to run tours twice per month and more often over the holiday periods

1.Max 10 people per tour - we find that having more than 10 people can make it much harder to keep the group focused, and it gives us a good opportunity to work closer with individuals that are after a much more in depth investigations than others. We will always have at least 4 tour operators or helpers on hand for all tours that have 5 or more customers.


When we do get a full house we will at times split the group into 2 to make sure that they all enjoy their tour and get maximum enjoyment.

2.Minimum of 2 people per tour - although this does not sound like many we are happy to still do a tour with only 2 customers, a tour like this only requires 2 staff members.

3.Strictly no alcohol or drugs - anyone who is suspected of being under the influence will be asked to leave the premises immediately .

4.Start time - (please see PARANORMAL TOURS page above for proposed times, which can be changed) - All customers are to meet out front of the jail 15mins before tour.

5.Arrival - customers will be greeted at the large iron gates at the tour starting time and will be given a brief outline on how the prisoners used to arrive to the gaol etc.

6.Safety,OHS - customers will then be taken into the main area, were we shall then proceed to give them a rundown of any OHS and safety issues. (We will get more about this information from the Gaol operators)

7.Introduction to the tour  - A brief introduction will be given to how we shall be spending the night investigating the Gaol. We will be very firm on the fact that the tour is not about calling on demons and provoking spirits etc. This is  a tour for those that are interested in the paranormal side of history.



8.brief run through of the equipment that we use during the investigations- 


A. k2 Deluxe EMF meter - Detects electromagnetic fields with light indication

B.SB-11 Spirit Box - The SB-11 is the  most advanced spirit box on the market for paranormal researchers.

C.Voice portal box - made in house, through Huff Paranormal.

D.Paranoligies, Parascope Triboelectric Field Meter - customised 8 channel TriboElectic Field Meter that picks up and detects fields on the 3" Led tower that we cannot see with our eye's

E.EVP Digital Recorders - Electronic Voice Phenomenon - captures voices that are

not heard during investigations.


F.ZOOM IQS XY field recorder - lighting connector iOS 


G.FLIR ONE PRO GEN3 - Thermal Imaging attachment for IOS

H.Dish Amplifier Voice Recorder and Listening device - Parabolic sound collecting dish that picks up sounds over 300 feet away.

I. Smart Phones - for video recording 

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