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9pm All tour groups will commence at the large iron gates of the gaol, here they will be greeted and given a brief outline on how the prisoners used to arrive to the gaol and the procedures that took place etc. 


9.15pm We will then proceed  into the main area, were the tour group will be given a rundown of any OHS and safety issues that are required by the gaol. (We will get more about this information from the Gaol operators)

9.20pm Tour groups will be given a short overview about the equipment etc.

9.30pm The investigation will start off in the Mess area of the gaol, here we shall give them a brief overview of what went on in the hall, this is a great way to set the mood for the group and settle them in for the evening ahead.

9.40pm Down to Ellens cell, again another short talk about Ellen and how she came to be in the jail with her infant child. We shall set up the Parascope and EVP and let the group try to connect to anyone that may want to communicate.

9.50pm The group will now be given free the time to wonder this lower  block and investigate cells and do there own research.

10.10pm We shall visit the kitchen area, here we shall do a SB-11 Spirit box session.

10.30pm We shall visit Ned Kelly's Cell and set up the Voice Portal Box and investigate the surrounding cells.

10.50pm Head up stairs to the gallows area, depending on the group, we can either do more EVP sessions or let them do there own further investigation.

11pm  Investigation finished.


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