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TANK  the PARANORMAL DOG (puppy in training) 

Introducing... T A N K

Tank is our very cute and adorably handsome 4 legged family/team member. Tank was actually introduced to us whilst on an investigation one night and the owners were desperately looking for his new forever home,


We immediately fell in love with him . . . .         We shall keep you updated on his investigations.

So,,,,,,  Why do we have an investigation dog???


We hear all the time, that dogs can sense spirits and see them too. Have you ever noticed your dog just barking at nothing, sometimes they might run after something that you can't see or look like they are staring at nothing? Scientific  studies have proved that some dogs can see spirits and that they have a sixth sense.


Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and hearing. They can also pick up on energy, which makes them adept at detecting ghosts and spirits. so when this occurs you will see a change in their behaviour and actions. This can vary based on the personality of the dog, or it can vary based on the type of ghost of spirit that the dog senses.

When a good ghost or spirit is around,  dogs may show signs like wagging the tail,  excited barking, running toward something, an alert look or run towards something as though they are playing (even though you can see anything yourself.) 


When a dog senses a bad spirit or ghost, then signs are likely to be very different. These could include tucking its tail, the hair on its neck and back raised, reluctance to go into a particular area or room, and whining or snarling at something. 


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